Virtual Therapy Office

Getting to NSPC online supervision or therapy with an NSPC training therapist for supervisees or clients

If you are an NSPC student, the NSPC office will normally organize your online supervision.  You will receive a message from the office letting you know who your online supervisor is for the coming term, and who your other supervisees are.  You should already have a student account and the office will link also make you an online supervisee and link you up with your supervisor.

You will just need to click the MyNSPC button and login with your usual NSPC credentials.   At your own MyNSPC page, click on the virtual therapy office button.  If you have not uploaded an image file, click on update your profile before you do this, and upload an image (see Help on the NSPC pages on ‘Maintaining my profile’).

Clicking on the Virtual Therapy Office button, may take you directly to your Dashboard, or to the VTO home page, in which case you may need to login again at this page.  Once you have successfully logged in, you will find yourself in a reception area.

As you will see there is quite a lot of information on this page: it is explained in more detail in the ‘Finding your way round in the virtual therapy office’ help file. 

The important things to note are that there is no furniture (because it is the reception area!) and that you (or in this case me) have been linked up to a supervisor whose name and image appears under ‘My supervisor’.  To attend your session with him or her, you need to click on ‘Go to my waiting room’ or ‘Supervisor waiting room’.   

You may want to review your messages and notices first, however.  Looking under help, it seems that there is no booked session.  That becomes clearer when you go to your supervisor’s waiting room (please note that exactly the same procedures apply to your therapist, when you are going to online therapy).

Your supervisor may have created a number of sessions for you to book into.  So, as a client or supervisee, you will need to accept one of these bookings by clicking on the ‘Bookings diary’ tab.  This will show you calendar of all available sessions.  Click on the day that NSPC has assigned for your supervision session, or the day that you have agreed, or the day that you wish to have a session:

This will open a more detailed booking diary.  Click on the particular session that you want.

You can send a text message with your request by typing something into the Message box e.g. that you do not need the whole 2 hours that has been made available, and you can also choose whether you want a video chat (see our help file on ‘More about video chats’) or a simple (text based, typed) chat.  To choose video conference or simple (text) chat, pull down on the session activity menu.

Video chats work best if you and your supervisor or therapist have good internet bandwidth.   

 You will get an acknowledgement message, which you should close by clicking on the right hand X icon, and you will be taken back to your therapist’s or supervisor’s bookings diary.

Your therapist or supervisor may take a little time to acknowledge and act on your request, but when they have—and if they have accepted it—you will see that the session is now booked in the Bookings diary and that  a session bar now appears on each of your pages.  It will be grey at first, but when the session is due, it will turn yellow.   There will also be a reminder of how long it is before your session, in days embedded in the bar, and in text in the left hand menu. 

Click on the yellow bar to go into your session. For that happens then, see the help file on ‘Using the video conference, the text based chat, forums, and the Skype client.

For more information, download the illustrated version of this article from this page